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Take control of your fertility future with The FertilityHQ at-home hormone and fertility test


Knowledge is Power
Know your Body
Plan your Future

The FertilityHQ at-home test costs from €99

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What will The FertilityHQ test tell me?

Your Egg Count

The FertilityHQ test checks your AMH level to see if you have more or fewer eggs than average.

Your Hormonal Health

Fertility is complex. The FertilityHQ test explains how general health markers can relate to your hormones.

Your Available Options 

The FertilityHQ test (AMH & FSH) can determine IVG & egg freezing success rates.

Knowledge is power. Know your body. Plan your future.

There is no absolute predictor of fertility. The FertilityHQ test can not tell you if you will be able to get pregnant or whether you will have fertility issues.

The FertilityHQ test can help you better understand your ovarian reserve, ovulation and thyroid health and highlight any potential fertility barriers.

We generate a personalised, unique, doctor reviewed fertility profile for YOU.

Let’s take a closer look at the hormones we test
and explain why we test them…

This Measures Your Egg Count

This is a blood test to quantify your ovarian reserve (i.e. how many eggs you have). Low levels of AMH in the blood can suggest poor ovarian reserve. Higher than normal levels of AMH can suggest Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).


What Our Clients Say...

I’m in my early 30’s and working long hours in the corporate world and have been anxious about my fertility journey but didn’t really know what to do about it. I’m so grateful to have found The FertilityHQ. The whole FertilityHQ process from the initial health questionaire to purchasing The FertilityHQ test kit and receiving my personalised hormone report was seamless. The hardest part of the whole process was my decision to look into my fertility!! I’m delighted I took that first step and I now feel empowered rather than fearful or confused of the unknown.  Don’t wait, act now. Knowledge is power after all. I’d highly recommended The FertilityHQ.


What an amazing new Irish start up. The FertilityHQ are empowering us women to better understand our bodies and make decisions ourselves. Understanding your fertility now gives you more options later.  The FertilityHQ test is easy to order, use and send back. Thank you for the knowledge @TheFertilityHQ


Thank you so much to Roisin for all of her knowledge and support throughout this process. I decided to order a fertility test as I wanted to get a good understanding of my fertility and body. I have just turned 28 and decided that now is a great time to complete these tests in order to prepare and support my future. The test itself was so easy to complete. Roisin was amazing, I had the results within 7 days.

The feedback was very detailed and easy to understand. I also completed a virtual feedback session with Roisin. It was so positive regardless of the results. It has helped my understanding and knowledge on my fertility journey and has helped figure out the next steps that I need to take. Not only was Roisin so informative to me, she also gave great information and support to my partner who also took part in the virtual feedback.

I would absolutely recommend taking this fertility test as it was so easy and gave such accurate results. Thank you so much again, Roisin. 


I found fertilityHQ on Instagram and when I start watching their posts, I learned so much. I booked a video consultation as I already had my bloods taken. Roisin went through all my results and explained what each meant and recommended supplements that could help. I learned so much on the call from all her knowledge and experience, also she recommended a procedure for me that I had never heard of before. Would highly recommend!

ANN, 38

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