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  • Is this test for me?
    The FertilityHQ test is for anyone with ovaries between 23 and 43 who wants to understand where they’re at in terms of fertility. Some people who test are years away from wanting kids, and some are actively trying to get pregnant. There is no absolute predictor of fertility. Our test cannot tell you if you will be able to get pregnant or whether you will have fertility issues. The FertilityHQ test can help you better understand your ovarian reserve, ovulation and thyroid health and highlight any potential fertility barriers. We generate a personalised, unique fertility profile for YOU.
  • I’m taking contraception/ birth control. Can I still test?
    Yes, but we cannot test everything. We can check AMH and thyroid function (TSH/T4). Hormonal contraception suppresses ovulation, therefore, we cannot check the rest of the panel. If you wish to do the full battery of tests, we suggest stopping contraception and waiting until you have had 2 normal periods to complete the full profile.
  • Can I just ask my doctor to do this test ?
    Yes, absolutely. This will, however, involve attending the practice in person to have bloods drawn. Your doctor may or may not do the same fertility panel that we check.
  • How accurate are the results from The FertilityHQ? Which lab do you use?
    We work alongside Eurofins Biomnis who are a leading medical lab who offer an ISO 15189 Accredited Medical Laboratory Testing Service throughout Ireland. Results are accurate and reliable.
  • I’ve had a miscarriage. Can I take the test?
    We are very sorry to hear this. Unfortunately, miscarriage is very common affecting 1 in 4 pregnancies. It is best to wait until you have had 2 natural periods after a miscarriage to take our test for the most accurate results.
  • How much does the test cost?
    We have 2 tests available at The FertilityHQ. Our first test (€150) checks 7 hormones that gives you all the information you need to help kick start your conception plan. Our second test (€99) is more suitable for those on contraception who may be about to embark on their family planning mission or just curious about their fertility health. Remember all our tests are covered under health insurance!
  • Is the test cheaper than doing it directly with the doctor?
    It is difficult to comment on this as there is no standard fertility blood profile that doctors test in Ireland.
  • I have tested my AMH in the past, should I check this again?
    AMH does decline as we age. We suggest testing on a yearly basis to enable you to keep a close eye on your fertility profile.
  • Can I purchase your tests everywhere?
    At the moment, you can order The FertilityHQ test in Ireland.
  • I don’t want to prick myself. Can I get my bloods drawn at a lab clinic?
    We only offer ‘at home self testing’ at this time. If you wish to have bloods drawn, we would suggest attending your GP.
  • What hormones do you test and what is the difference between the 2 tests?
    If you are not taking hormonal contraception, we test AMH, FSH, LH, Oestradiol, TSH, T4 and PRL. If you are taking hormonal contraception, we test only AMH, TSH and T4 as hormonal contraception suppresses ovulation.
  • What happens if my results show something is wrong?
    We offer a follow up consultation with one of our doctors to run through the results and make an action plan with you. As we are not your usual doctor, we would always suggest sharing these results with your GP who can also guide you on your fertility journey.
  • Can I share my results with my doctor?
    Absolutely! We always encourage people to talk to their doctor after getting their results. We put the raw data from the lab as an appendix to your report, and we’re happy to give you some conversation starters. Being proactive rather than reactive about your fertility is a great thing.
  • How painful is it to prick yourself?
    It doesn’t actually hurt very much. But as most people have never done this before it can be daunting. Preparation is key. Ensuring your hands are warm and giving yourself adequate time to complete the test will make things easier.
  • I already have a PCOS diagnosis, is it useful to take The FertilityHQ test?
    As you already have a confirmed diagnosis of PCOS, we would suggest only checking thyroid function tests (TSH/T4)
  • Can I use The FertilityHQ test to monitor my (already diagnosed) PCOS?
    The FertilityHQ test is not recommended for monitoring and surveillance of PCOS.
  • When should I take the test if my cycle is irregular?
    If you are not using hormonal contraception, we always recommend taking the test on day 2–6 of your cycle (Day 1 is the first day of your period) regardless of whether your cycle is regular or irregular. If you use hormonal contraception, you can check AMH and thyroid function on any day.
  • My menstruation/period only lasts 2 days, should I still test on day 2-6 of my cycle?
    Yes, we would recommend testing on day 2–6 of your cycle for the most accurate results.
  • What if I get pregnant before I was able to do the test?
    Please send the test kit back to us and we can refund you if the package has not been opened.
  • Do I need to stay home for the delivery of my kit?
    No! Your kit fits through the mail box. Moreover, the test cannot be recognised as a test as it is a plain white box.
  • How long do I have to wait to take the test after stopping hormonal contraception?
    We advise to take the test on your 3rd period after stopping hormonal contraception. This allows time for your body to adjust back into a regular menstrual cycle again.
  • How do The FertilityHQ tests differ from those in the hospital?
    We use the same ‘assays’ (which is a technical term for lab analyses) and the same lab as most Irish hospitals. Your results are compared to the assay reference values the lab uses. In principle, the tests are the same as those offered in the hospital.
  • Can I save the test and do it at a later date?
    Yes, the test can be done at your convenience.


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