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There is no absolute predictor of fertility...

The FertilityHQ Science

The Science

There is no absolute predictor of fertility...

There is no absolute predictor of fertility...

However, The FertilityHQ test can help you better understand your reproductive health and your fertility risk profile. With our comprehensive testing panel, we can help you optimally plan your reproductive future. Our aim is to empower all women through fertility and beyond.

What we Can tell you…​​

  1. If you have a normal amount of eggs for your age

  2. If you are at risk of going into the menopause early

  3. If you are a good candidate for IVF/egg freezing

  4. If you are at risk of PCOS

  5. If general body factors, like thyroid health, may be impacting on your fertility

What we Can't tell you…​​

  1. If you are fertile

  2. Your chances of having a baby

  3. How long it will take you to get pregnant

  4. The quality of your eggs

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FertilityHQ-Egg Count and Menopause ​

The FertilityHQ test can tell you if you have more or fewer eggs than average. If you have ovaries, then you were born with all the eggs you will ever have. As we age and approach the menopause, our egg count ticks down to zero. Early ovarian failure or premature ovarian insufficiency (POI) is not uncommon. POI affects 1% of women younger than 40 and 0.1% of women younger than 30 years of age. AMH, FSH and Oestradiol levels are useful blood tests in determining your egg count and also whether you will hit the menopause earlier or later than average.

FertilityHQ-Egg Freezing and IVF Outcomes

Doctors use ovarian reserve hormone testing (specifically AMH, FSH and Oestradiol) to determine success rates for treatments such as egg freezing or IVF.

FertilityHQ-Ovulation and Risk of PCOS​

Ovulation is the process your body goes through to release an egg each month. PCOS is a condition that can affect your body’s ability to ovulate. PCOS affects 4–20% of women of reproductive age worldwide. The most common symptoms are irregular periods, acne, unwanted hair growth and weight gain. A high AMH level can signal PCOS.

FertilityHQ-Thyroid Function and Prolactin Levels ​

Thyroid disorders can impact on your chances of getting pregnant. Optimal levels of TSH and T4 are key for maximising chances of conception, reducing your risk of miscarriage and continuing a healthy pregnancy. PRL helps with milk production during breast feeding but too much PRL can signal there is a problem.

We test the same hormones as a fertility clinic would...

TheFertilityHQ Personalised Fertility Report

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